Why Would You Refinish Wooden Stairs?

The cost of housing in the Washington, D.C. metro area is pretty steep, so it’s not surprising that two story homes are popular. When you can’t build out, you build up – and that means lots of stairs! As hardwood floor installers, we’re familiar with the “ups and downs” of home renovation. We often get the opportunity to design, install or refinish wooden stairs. Here are some common reasons people request stair refinishing:

  • The stairs were carpeted (perhaps for childproofing purposes) and the underlying wood has been damaged
  • Stairs are warped, dinged, split, or creaky
  • Stair treads are worn in the middle where they get stepped on over and over
  • Balusters don’t match the stairs (or are just plain ugly)
  • The rest of the home is being upgraded with hardwood floors and the stairs need a facelift too

We don’t recommend refinishing stairs as a DIY project. The process of sanding and staining balusters, in particular, is referred to in the home improvement industry as “The Marriage Breaker”. Have the job done by professionals so it really only does take a few days instead of a few months!

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