For The Builder

For the Building Contractor

Whether the scope of your project is Residential, or Commercial, the timely and professional performance of your sub-contractors is the key to ensuring that your project meets your expectations and those of your clients’. The family of professionals at Residential Floors is the partner you can count on to make sure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Timing Is Everything

As a Builder, you´re the logistics engineer. You establish the schedule of construction and delivery; and you have it down to a science. Residential Floors’ professionals understand your needs and will accommodate your needs on your schedule. We also know that executing a construction project can incur some unwanted delays or, in some cases, change the schedule forward. In either case, Residential Floors is staffed and motivated to accommodate any changes that might occur during the construction process. We keep in touch—you’ve got enough to worry about.

Customer Relations

With Residential Floors you can feel confident that your clients will experience the same level of courtesy and professionalism that they enjoy with you. We instill an ease and confidence with them that translates into a truly positive experience. We accomplish this by providing the finest flooring products from which to choose, attention to detail, and honestly listening to their needs. We are your liaison; and one that is committed to your success.

Let´s Work on This Together!