Cabinets and Hardwood Floor Installation

For homeowners who are building a new home or completely renovating an old one, the kitchen can be an especially challenging area. There are just so many options to consider! For our customers, the choice to put in hardwood floors is an obvious one. But should we install the floor before or after the cabinetry?

The Home Renovations section at has a great in-depth article about just this topic. Putting in the cabinets first means you might save a little money on a few square feet of flooring. But installing the floors first means you can redo the cabinets again in the future using a different footprint or outline without having to worry about extending or reshaping the floors underneath. Read the full Q&A article to discover more pros and cons of each method. Or, just contact us to talk through your options. While wall-to-wall wood flooring is usually a great idea, we’re happy to offer you specific advice based on your construction or renovation project.