Wood stairs

Hardwood Stair Treads and Risers

There may be nothing more stately and awe-inspiring than a beautiful hardwood staircase cascading into your foyer. Clean lines or curves of warm, glimmering wood that melt into the wood floors that surround them or make a stark, formal transition into glassy tile is a breathtaking focal point for the entry to your home. Residential Floors can produce this classic visual in nearly any species of wood and can retro-fit an existing stairwell or create an entirely new, eye-catching spectacle in your Maryland/D.C. home.

Traditional, Classic or Contemporary

Whether you’re tastes and décor lie in the simple lines of a Shaker style, the refined curves and rounded turns of the Victorian era, or an architectural experiment of geometrics with a Contemporary spiral, Residential Floors has the expertise to put it all together for you. Some of our stair customers like the spindles, balusters and handrails to precisely match the hardwood floors we’ve supplied them, while others prefer a more dramatic contrast afforded them by using an entirely different species of hardwood. Whichever you’d prefer is exactly how we’ll do it for you. As long as you are able to envision how it needs to look, we can create it for you–and, of course, we’re always available to help you with the design!

Value and Function

There’s nothing like the sturdy, firm feel of a hardwood staircase. Obviously, it’s a practical feature of any multi-level home, but it’s also a central feature in a decorating scheme as it tends to be quite the focal point. Because it commands so much attention, having this space carved out of beautiful, natural hardwood makes all the sense in the world. Sometimes we’re asked to install a gorgeous wool oriental runner on our stairs–but, really, it seems to be such a shame to hide such a flawless, natural view. Then again, we have to admit that the runner looks pretty fashionable as it ties the whole visual together!

Your Source

Residential Floors is dedicated to transform your Maryland/D.C. house into the enviable and comfortable home you’ve always wanted. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much appeal can be created by the addition of a new hardwood staircase.