Buckle Up! This Hardwood Floor Is Unbelievable

At Residential Floors, we love seeing some of the great-looking antique wood floors in homes throughout Maryland. But we have to be honest. Not every wood floor ages gracefully. Just because a floor is 50+ years old doesn’t mean it is invincible. Poor installation technique or lack of maintenance can wreak havoc over the years.

Below we’ve included a youtube video provided by contractor Bill Connelly. You can see hardwood floors that have an incredible amount of…texture. The buckling has raised the floor in peaks that are half a foot high in some places. This level of extreme damage may indicate that there was flooding at some point with no remediation. If you are looking at buying a home with hardwood floors that have this much buckling, it’s likely that the whole floor needs to be replaced. Fortunately, we can make even a complete floor remodel affordable with our payment plans!