Go Green with Hardwood Flooring in March

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. No doubt you’ll be enjoying the famous Baltimore, Maryland parade or joining the massive turnout in Washington, DC for the celebration (drink some green beer for us!) But you can also earn yourself some luck by making your home a little greener than it was last year. We make that easy with eco-responsible hardwood flooring options. At Residential Floors, we don’t believe the world should become tree-poor just to keep us in business. That’s why we have extensive contacts with suppliers in the sustainable forestry industry who strive to adhere to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines. Here are just a couple of those rules:

Environmental Impact

Forest management shall conserve biological diversity and its associated values, water resources, soils, and unique and fragile ecosystems and landscapes, and, by so doing, maintain the ecological functions and the integrity of the forest.

Community Relations and Workers’ Rights

Forest management operations shall maintain or enhance the long-term social and economic wellbeing of forest workers and local communities.

We believe “green” hardwood floors benefit both people and the planet. Contact us to explore your sustainable flooring options today!

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