Go Green

Go Greener!

Residential Floors’ Green Initiative

The concept of a Green Initiative in Residential Floors’ practices and goals is embraced because of its importance to our family, and the entire world, for generations hereafter; and not because it’s trendy or chic. We take the idea of sustainability very seriously when it comes to the type of work that we do and the products we sell. For our future—everyone’s future—it’s the responsible position to take.

Two ‘Faces’ of Green Flooring

For those of us that take this topic to heart, an understanding of the ‘two faces of green’ has to be explored. The first ‘face’ is one that most consumers are more familiar with (due to marketing practices and the media in general), and that is: Products that are constructed of, in whole or part, post-consumer waste or that are readily renewable.With regards to flooring products, classic examples of these products would be:

  • Bamboo (grass)
  • Hardwood floors (reforestation)
  • Some cores of laminate floors (post-consumer wood product)
  • PET (polyester) carpet fiber made from recycled plastic bottles

There are several others worth noting; but, for now, this will suffice to identify the first ‘face’.

The second ‘face’ is that of reclamation and ‘recyclability’ of any flooring product that has reached the termination point of usefulness and is now facing a landfill in its afterlife. Products like hardwood floors, ceramic tile and linoleum (not to be confused with vinyl flooring) could conceivably re-enter the earth with nominal environmental impact because, for the most part, their entire composition was sourced from natural elements to begin with. Given that, natural decomposition can occur with little environmental consequence. However, many flooring products are synthetic (plastics) and must be reclaimed to keep them from the landfill. These products can be reprocessed and be ‘reborn’ back into flooring products or utilized for other post-consumer manufactured items. This is a very positive step in keeping our land, air and water free of harmful, non-biodegradable elements; and this is a process that we wholly support in our industry and our community.

Personal Responsibility

If we, as a contractor and a consumer, take an equal initiative in supporting the ‘Green’ movement, then this industry and others will invest and commit with the same interest and motive as we have. We believe that it’s very important to take care of our Earth—it’s the only one we have.

Please feel free to ask any of our staff for guidance towards our truly green products and inquire as to how to best discard your old flooring. Every little bit helps!