Maintenance Program

It’s reassuring to know that the flooring professional you hired to install your floors is also the professional who is committed to taking care of your floors in the long term. Residential Floors is invested into making sure that your floors perform and appear to their full potential. This is the main reason that we developed our Maintenance Program services.

Hardwood Flooring

For optimum aesthetics and performance from your hardwood flooring, consider scheduling Residential Floors to provide you with the necessary services. We’re not a maid service or commercial cleaning service—we’re floor people, so we know what your floors need and when they need it.

  • Clouding or gloss-loss over the entire floor, to the walls, is likely to be the presence of a film left by the wrong cleaner. We’ll remove the film and bring back the shine.
  • Hard-Buffing is a great way to remove annoying shoe scuffs and ‘feather-scratches’ and can be done frequently without damaging the finish. Having this done every 2-3 months is a great way to get the most out of your finish.
  • Screen and Coat–Don’t sand your hardwood if you don’t have to. Screen and Coat should be done at ‘election-year’ intervals or as indicated by your floor’s traffic patterns and wear–call us.

Other Flooring Types and Services

Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Marble, and Stone benefit greatly from an annual steaming of the surface. Not only will this remove most discoloration from the surface but will also sanitize the surface as well–an absolute necessity for cleaning grout joints!

Every six months, or so, natural stone and marble floors should be inspected for the integrity of the sealing and sealed if required. At this time, a mild buffing could, and should, follow the sealing process.

Time, neglect or excessive traffic can create a situation whereby the natural stone or marble floor requires a ‘cutting’ or ‘re-dressing’ of the surface with a diamond grinder. Most homes won’t require this for 4-5 years, but commercially, this should be done every two years, or so—depending upon the traffic and ‘in-house’ maintenance regimens.

The Simplest Solution

In order to be ‘worry-free’, with regards to the flooring in your home, be sure to ask for and set-up a Maintenance Program Schedule with Residential Floors. This is a sure-fire way to make sure that your floors are maintained properly by those who know floors best—Residential Floors. Not only will you be protecting your flooring investment, but you will be engaging a cost-effective means that tends to your floor’s needs—that simple.