For The Architect

For the Architect

From structural to mechanicals to finishes, the weight of the construction project lies firmly on your shoulders. At Residential Floors, we´re here to help you. Oftentimes there are challenges with regards to function vs. aesthetics in any finish flooring–we offer solutions, backed by integrity and sound field experience.

Your Personal Resource

It´s as easy as picking-up the phone. We understand that you’re busy and, therefore, wouldn’t conceivably have the time to hunt-down samples, flooring specifications, or even put together mock-ups for your clients’ approval. Just give us a call (or fax) and we’d be happy to get what you need and get it to you. Your time is valuable; and these are services which we routinely offer to our architect friends.

Up To The Challenge

We love puzzles. Quite often, a project will come to your desk that is atypical or seems like a demanding or conflicting application. Given our years of experience and our passion for product and application knowledge, please be confident that we will always be available to solve this puzzle for you. We have the industry savvy and the talented workforce to bring your project to its intended and designed realization.