Save Your Floor – Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Did you know that sassafras sandy loam is the official state soil of Maryland? It has a sandy loam upper layer with a clay/sandy loam mix just underneath. This is a highly desirable soil mix with a good nutrient profile and excellent drainage. But when it’s tracked into your home, you probably just think of it as dirt or mud. In fact, the different components of this particular soil can do different things to your residential flooring – none of them good.

  • Grains of sand and silt can easily scratch laminates, wood and linoleum. They also cut through carpet like tiny knives. If you’ve ever wondered why your vacuum cleaner bag or canister fills up with carpet fuzz, it’s because sand is shredding the fibers.
  • Clay is notorious for containing high levels of iron – a metal that oxidizes readily and can easily stain your floors. Carpets, poorly sealed grout, and porous tile floors are especially vulnerable.

These are very good reasons to institute a “leave your shoes at the door” policy. So, break out the socks, slippers, and house shoes until the chilly weather in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC gives way to warm spring days!

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