For The Homeowner

Whether building a new home or condo, sprucing-up or remodeling your existing home, the professionals at Residential Floors are at your service providing you with the level of expertise and thorough solutions to your flooring needs. Here’s a sampling of some of the services that Residential Floors routinely supplies its customers:

Hardwood Flooring

  • Sand & Finish–bring your existing floors back to their original appeal with a complete sanding of your hardwood, followed by 2-3 coats of durable, lasting urethane.
  • Buff-and-Coat–more often, your hardwood flooring doesn´t need a full sanding and a simple re-dressing of the finish is indicated. For optimum performance of your hardwood floors, do this every 3-5 years.
  • Supply and Install–We hand-select the finest unfinished hardwood flooring products the industry has to offer and meticulously install them in your home. You may choose from species that are native (oak, maple, ash, etc.) or those with a more exotic grain or coloration from imported sources (Jatoba, Ipa, Ironwood, Tiger-eye, etc.)
  • Pre-finished Hardwood–Get that hardwood floor look that you want in a matter of hours, not days, with one of our many, quality pre-finished floors–expertly installed.
  • Hard-Buffing–Although a fresh coat of urethane is slick and beautiful in itself, having that new coat hard-buffed is a means to create a ´piano-finish´ on your hardwood flooring. You have to see it to believe it!
  • The Custom, Personal Touch–With hardwood inlays, marquetry and hardwood accent borders you can transform your home into a museum-quality appearance; and we’re just the folks who can do it for you–your design, or ours.
  • Custom Stairs and Railings–Nothing dresses-up a foyer like an eye-catching custom staircase–curves and waves or simple ´Shaker´ appeal. Wow!

Quick Note to all you PTA members–pass the word: Residential Floors also supplies, installs, finishes and re-finishes school gymnasium floors and auditorium stages–oh, we’ll also take care of your children’s Dance Studio’s floors as well!

Other Types of Flooring

Due to the fact that our customer’s continually ask us to get involved with their flooring needs other than hardwood, we’ve decided to expand our offerings to our customers. They seem to like and respond to our work ethic, professionalism and above all, our honesty. So, if you’re in the need of ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl or concrete flooring, know that we invest the same level of service and expertise that our customers have come to expect with Residential Floors.