Give Back

Recycling and Regenerating the Human Experience

As a family-owned and operated business Residential Floors certainly understands and appreciates the wealth associated with nurturing family values and good health. We consider ourselves blessed and fortunate as we view our place in family and society. We also understand that there are those who may struggle with events and environments that are not so fortunate. That’s why, as a family and as a business, we passionately take interest and invest in the positive human experience by supporting two causes that are intimately important to us. We encourage your support for these, or those that are dear to you, as well…paying it forward and giving it back…

Domestic Violence Prevention

Everyone has the right and privilege to be safe and secure in their own home without the threat of harm or abuse. Sadly, there are millions of American families who don’t have the same peace and security that we enjoy. We feel strongly about this malaise and are committed to doing all we can to create change that brings peace and health to those subjected to such violence. Please join our efforts by visiting National Coalition against Domestic Violence website.

Breast Cancer Research

Given the predominance of this disease it’s quite likely that you have an intimate knowledge or experience with someone, or a family, affected by this tragedy. Diagnosed in its early stages, the prognosis or results are markedly more positive. It takes awareness and research to create a positive impact on this form of cancer. Remember, breast cancer adversely affects entire families; and we believe that families are great investments. Won’t you join us in supporting this effort by visiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation website.

One More Thought…

In these economic times it’s not always possible to give, financially, to those who are in need. Sometimes the greatest gift anyone can give is that of their own time. Please consider this greatest gift in the form of volunteering at a local shelter, food kitchen or your local Soccer or Little League club. Any gift of you that you give fills a need for someone and is fantastic means to Give Back!