For The Interior Designer

As you may already know, we´re kin! While most people think of floor coverings as being part of the construction trades, they´re actually considered a segment of the fashion industry. At Residential Floors, we keep our finger on the pulse of the fashion industry and are keen to keep up with the trends of color, texture, and style; and our flooring samples reflect our commitment.

The Guided or Un-guided Tour

It´s entirely up to you–your preference. You´re an artist, and we understand that artists will sometimes need their quiet times alone and will also need to get their thoughts in motion. Whichever ´mode´ you happen to be in when we meet, know that you, alone, will dictate what you need at that moment. We´re happy to let you consider our samples at your pace and leisure or, if you prefer, provide you with a ´tour-guide´ through the potential selections with or without your client.

Pressed for Time?

Chances are that you’re responsible for more than one client at any given time; and having to sort through or pick through hundreds of samples is tremendously time consuming for you. Inasmuch as we understand your task and your language we can save you so much of your valuable time. Just give us a call, or fax, that identifies some of your basic requirements and we’d be happy to bundle some ideas for you–and deliver them to you, if you desire. We provide this service to you but also realize that you may want view all that the industry has to offer–feel welcome to visit us any time, the coffee’s always on!

Also, please browse our online Gallery of accomplished installations on our Look Book page–this may give you a few valuable ideas as well as confirming the professional expertise and flexibility of our design offerings.