Stone & Concrete

Concrete Flooring

If you have had the occasion to visit an airport, shopping mall, or new car showroom in the Maryland/D.C. metro area and noticed vast expanses of large scale tile, stone or terrazzo floors, chances are that you were actually walking on Decorative Concrete Flooring. It’s hard to imagine that plain, gray concrete can be transformed into a surface that is so breathtaking, so polished, and so absolutely beautiful. Residential Floors can provide this highly durable, maintenance friendly surface and appearance in your own home, as well.

Truly Artistic

The next time you look at an untreated, dull concrete floor, picture it as an artist’s untouched canvas–awaiting the creative and skilled hands of the artist. Using acid stains and dyes, the concrete flooring artists is as capable as any master in creating any visual—from faux marble or stone gradients to room-sized murals–anything you, or the artist could possibly imagine. The designs are endless.

Color and Shine

Acid staining of concrete floors has become a very popular option. The coloring of the concrete created through acid staining is not simply an application to the concrete’s surface, but an infusion created through a chemical reaction which fully infuses the color into the concrete.
For that polished shine, concrete residential floors are coated with sealers, urethanes, waxes or epoxies that present a highly resilient, highly polished appearance. These finishes are incredibly durable and easy to maintain.


At Residential Floors, we encourage your involvement and creativity in communicating the type of design you’re excited about with a concrete floor. Every concrete floor that we do is intended to be unique and representative of the desires of the customer who wishes one. We’d be happy to explore the design options with you as well as fielding any questions that you may have with concrete flooring in your home.

Please visit our ‘Gallery’ page to see some examples in the Maryland, D.C. area!