Take Your Floors from OK to Parquet

Do you have one of those apps on your smartphone that teaches you a new vocabulary word each day? Here’s one for you: “parquetry”. These are the block patterns used in wood flooring made up of angular geometric shapes such as squares, diamonds, and triangles. They often feature multiple species of wood or different stains to add even more visual interest to the floor.

Isn’t Parquet Passé?

That depends on who you ask. A plain checkerboard pattern might look a little dated. But there are also many modern designs you could choose for your floor. You could even use parquet as an accent rather than for the entire home. For an even more customized look, talk to our pros about designing a medallion or other decoration to add flash to your floors.

Wood Floor Finish Options: Oil & Water

The most common type of wood floor finish we deal with in the residential flooring industry is polyurethane. This is a surface sealer that forms a durable topcoat to protect natural or stained wood. Polyurethane comes in oil and water-based varieties. These products are available in a range of finishes from a glossy shine to a soft satin. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of oil vs. water:

Oil-Based Topcoats

  • Bring out the rich texture of wood and deepen the color, turning lighter wood a nice honey color
  • Thicker formula requires fewer coats
  • Has hard finish
  • Tends to level out more evenly
  • Dries slowly (five hours between coats plus an overnight drying at the end)
  • Pretty intense fumes
  • Solvents used in cleanup

Water-Based Topcoats

  • Only change the color of wood very slightly, leaving the existing stain or unstained wood looking close to its original state
  • Fast drying (about two hours between coats)
  • Low fumes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cleanup is done with water
  • May be more expensive than oil-based products

Both types of finish require regular maintenance to stay looking their best. Give us a call to learn more about our hard buffing and screen and coat program!  301-990-7775