Hardwood Installation

Every home and hardwood installation is unique and subtly different. There may be a special time constraint or an unusual obstacle on site, like a staircase with an irregular radius or a series of rooms that must be installed, and finished, in stages. In either, or any, scenario you can have the greatest confidence that Residential Floors can provide you with the level of expertise of hardwood installation that you expect and deserve.

Un-finished Hardwood Flooring

Raw, un-treated hardwood strip or plank flooring is, first, acclimated to your installation environment. We site test the moisture content of the hardwood flooring and the sub-floor to ensure that the hardwood and substrata are moisture-constant and stable. If there is an excessive moisture level or gross disparity in either, the hardwood or the substrata, there could be some unwanted results in the finishing process or preventable changes in the structural integrity of the hardwood itself. We make sure that doesn’t happen! From there, each strip is securely blind-nailed with cleats or staples; and planks (greater that 5” face-width) will have additional, symmetrical top fasteners with hardwood plugs. The surface of the completed floor may appear irregular, but once we do the sanding and finishing, the floor will have a clean, flawless appearance that will appear as if it were growing-out from the wall base.

Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring

This is a popular choice for those homeowners who want a quick turnaround on a room, or rooms, or who may be averse to the threat of wood dust or urethane odors. The installation process of pre-finished hardwood is quick and generally less of an inconvenience to a running, active household. The acclimation and fastening protocol is identical to that of un-finished but, when complete, the room is yours to enjoy immediately!

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Some installation interests and demands indicate the need or requirement of an engineered hardwood flooring installation. Installations over radiant heat, in basements or on-grade concrete, and in waterfront properties where high levels of humidity are consistently present are a few of the more typical types of demands that indicate the use of engineered hardwood floors. While engineered hardwood floors are significantly more moisture stable, we still insist on verifying the product and environmental moisture levels; and the fastening procedure may indicate the use of smaller staples, specialty adhesives or ‘click-together’ planks. Whichever engineered hardwood floor you choose, you can choose with the assurance that Residential Floors will install the flooring with the greatest of care and skill.