Show Your Hardwood Floors Some Love

February is the month of romance, so perhaps it’s time to get down on one knee and propose to your hardwood floors. What should you say to show your undying affection to the flooring you’ve trampled underfoot for so many years? We’ve written some sample “vows” just for this occasion:

  • I promise never to use ammonia based cleaners that would strip you of your lovely finish
  • No urethane wax will ever touch you
  • I will sweep you lightly and keep the wet mop far away from your boards
  • I make it my sacred mission to protect you from scratches, stains and UV rays
  • I vow to love you even when you expand and contract with the seasons
  • When you are old and worn, I will refurbish you with care

Not up to the task of caring for your hardwood floors all by yourself? That’s no problem at all. Consider signing up for our maintenance program to keep your floors looking smooth and shiny year round. Especially in Maryland, DC and Virginia where our climate can be so unpredictable.  We’ll even give your wood floors a good hard-buffing on a regular basis…just the way they like it.

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