How Dry Weather Affects Hardwood Floors

You know that February is a cold month in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Temps hover between freezing and fifty most of the month. But you might not be aware that it’s also the driest month of the year in this part of the country. That’s before you turn on the heat and dry the air inside your home even more. Have you ever wondered how this drop in moisture coupled with indoor heating affects your hardwood floors?

It shrinks! If it’s high quality wood and installed correctly (the way we do things at Residential Floors), you’re likely to just see small gaps between the boards. But that’s still enough space for dust and dirt to get trapped, making your floors look grungy. If you want to ensure your hardwood flooring stays tightly aligned even in dry weather, you may wish to use a humidifier. Keeping the indoor humidity above 45% should keep your floorboards in good shape – and your sinuses will feel better too!

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