Hardwood Floors and Your Dog

Many pet owners find that having a dog indoors can really do a number on their hardwood floors. But man’s best friend doesn’t have to spell the end for your gorgeous flooring. There are ways to muffle the aggravating sound of clicking claws, limit scratches, and help keep your dog from slip-sliding away. Here are some tips for helping your dog and your wood floors play nice together:

  • Keep your dog’s nails short. Talk to a professional groomer or your vet about the best tools to use. The safest way to shorten a dog’s nails may be with a Dremel nail grinder. Use the Dremel gently and wear away the nails in stages over a period of several weeks so you don’t accidentally hit the “quick”.
  • Add vinyl or rubber nail caps available from companies such as Soft Paws. You simply glue the caps onto your dog’s nails and they can run around on your hardwood floors without clicking or scratching.
  • Put booties on your dog. This is a quick fix as long as you can train your dog not to pull them off. Choose a style with non-skid soles to keep your pet from slipping.

Finally, talk to your local hardwood flooring specialist about finish options that are most scratch and slip resistant. And remember, most surface scratches that just affect the topcoat on the floor can be buffed out. No need to yell at your dog about a few nail marks!

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