Give Your Hardwood Floors a Vacation, Too!

The kids are going to be out of school soon and will be pestering you about when, and where, you’re taking them on the family vacation this summer. Chances are that you’ve had that particular week planned for months. Now all you have to do is make

it happen for them. Just tell them the dates and where you’re going to take them, hand them an ice pop, and ship them outside to enjoy the sun. Now, look around your home and notice the dull and weary hardwood floors you have. Wouldn’t it be a great time to get them refreshed, too?

No Better Time

For most folks, getting your hardwood floors sanded and finished or screened-and-finished is a task that is seems ominous and, above all, inconvenient. The sanding machines are noisy, furniture has to be moved, and the multiple coats may take a day to dry (each one) which leaves you limited access to your home. Given that inconvenience, no one seems to want to get it done at the perfect time—should there be a perfect time. There is no better time to get this done than while you’re out of the house, on vacation. Set a schedule with your local hardwood flooring contractor and return from vacation with great looking floors.

The Weather’s Fine

Summertime is ideal conditions for re-finishing your hardwood floors. The temperatures are relatively even and warmer which allows the proper ventilation of your home while the task is being accomplished. Any humidity issues in the drying of the finish can easily be regulated with air-conditioning–not something that most folks use in October, for sure. Take advantage of the summer months and your vacation to rejuvenate your hardwood floors.

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