Can You Put a Wood Floor Anywhere in Your Home?

We know it’s easy to get addicted to hardwood flooring. It’s like plastic surgery. Once you have one part of your house fixed up, you keep wanting to do more and more so it all matches. However, it’s important to understand that not all locations in the home are wood-floor friendly. Solid hardwood is gorgeous and has a very long lifespan (since it can be sanded and refinished several times over a 100 year period). Sadly, it typically can’t go in every single room in your home. Engineered wood won’t have the same longevity, but it has a wider range of applications. This type of flooring features a nice hardwood veneer layer over some form of composite wood (basically plywood). Composite material is engineered to be stable even in environments that have more moisture. In Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. metro area homes that have basements, engineered wood flooring over a moisture resistant barrier is the way to go. No matter how much you try to keep out seepage, below-ground floors are going to be damp compared to ground level floors or second story floors. The same holds true for coastal properties that get a constant supply of moist air from the ocean. Fortunately for you, we take the same great care in installing engineered floors as we do with solid hardwood. That means no one has to know the beauty of your hardwood floor is only skin deep!

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