Can You Fix Scratches in Your Hardwood Floor?

Does your hardwood floor have an unsightly, deep scratch that catches your eye every time you enter the room? Homeowners love to share tips online about how to fix scratches in wood flooring. Here are some of the questionable practices we’ve found in DIY forums.

  • Rub a brown crayon or an almond over the wood
  • Sand the wood, mix the sawdust with some glue, and use it to fill the scratch
  • Get a cheap furniture marker at the hardware store to color in the scratch, then slap on some epoxy finish
  • Replace the scratched board with a brand new board
  • Tear up the old board, flip it over, sand it, re-install it bottom side up, and stain it to exactly match the surrounding wood!

Many of these tips can just make the problem worse. You may end up with a sticky, blotchy spot, a broken board, or a dark mark from stain that obviously doesn’t match. There are floor repair kits that are specially designed to help with minor repairs. But it’s always a good idea to ask for an expert opinion before you do it yourself. Otherwise, a simple fix could turn into a real job for the pros. Next week, we’ll cover some of the things you really need to know before you try to repair a scratch on a hardwood floor.

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