You Should Never Walk on a Wood Floor

What? Never walk on your beautiful hardwood floor? Are we crazy? Are we expecting you to levitate around your house like David Blaine? Nope, we’re actually just making a point about the importance of the finish on your floor.

Typically, a properly maintained floor never has the wood fiber itself exposed to foot traffic. What you are actually touching with your feet as you walk is the protective urethane coating on top. When this layer starts to wear off, it’s time to get a screen and coat job done to restore or replace it. You should have this done every 4 to 5 years – or sooner for high traffic areas that are showing wear.

The advantage of doing an “S&C” on a regular basis is that you can avoid having your floor sanded and refinished (a process that will wear out your floor if it is done too often). If you take good care of your hardwood floors with regular maintenance, you might not need to have them sanded for 20 years! Learn more about our hardwood floor refinishing services for customers in the D.C. metro area here.

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